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It is only available to people who rent their homes and who are on a low income or receiving benefits.If you have more than £16,000 in savings then you will not be eligible for Housing Benefit.As we will usually need some evidence, please provide as much information as you can to help us make our decision.The good reason must apply over the full period for which you want your award backdated.To make sure your Housing Benefit starts from the earliest date possible, you should contact us as soon as you need benefit to tell us that you want to make a claim.Housing Benefit normally starts from the Monday after we receive your claim or intention to claim.

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You cannot apply for Housing Benefit if you are receiving Universal Credit.

If you are a pension age customer, we can sometimes backdate the start of your benefit to up to three months before the date you claimed.

You do not need to tell us why you didn't claim sooner.

If your rent is more than the LHA rate for your property you cannot get Housing Benefit on the amount of rent higher than the LHA rate.

If you were unable to claim at the correct time due to exceptional circumstances, it may be possible to backdate your Housing Benefit.

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